St Vincent Jewelry Center, a premiere destination for everything jewelry, features our breathtaking creations in its 'DTLA Glam - Gems of LA' campaign and on their dtlaglam.com website.

Autumn Breon Williams, a NASA Rocket Scientist and founder of "STEMgineers Shifting Gears", models 18K Gold and Silver jewelry from our Golden Stone collection as she inspires women to pursue a career in STEM.

TreePeople CEO Cindy Montañez is passionate about social justice and improving life for the people of Los Angeles led her to become TreePeople’s CEO. Her goal is to bring together communities from South LA to the San Fernando to restore urban forests and make LA the healthiest, most vibrant and climate-resilient city in the world.


Alexandra 'Alex' Merlino and her team at CicLAvia where she is finance director aim to connect communities and promote public health by hosting car-free Sunday events that crisscross the city of LA. Her goal is to increase active mobility and the use of diverse transportation options, while inspiring people to embrace the outdoors in a city-wide festival environment. Alex envisions a future where LA streets are filled with vibrant Angelenos commuting to work and school using multiple modes of transportation while keeping neighborhoods safer, with many more people out on the street.